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Phil Hubbard



What position(s) did you use to play at Lincoln City?

I was a utility player.

Which seasons did you play for Lincoln City?

1966 - 1971 & 1975 - 1979

What is your favourite memory from playing for Lincoln City?

First game against Chester at home we drew 2-2. Heading into the game we were bottom of the fourth division and Chester were top.

What did you enjoy most whilst living in the city of Lincoln?

I’m a local boy and came up through the youth system.

What is the funniest recollection you have from a Lincoln City football match and why?

The goal broke after a collision down the railway end, and to see the chairman Charles Warner helping groundstaff carry one from the training pitch was quite funny.

Do you remain in contact with some of your Lincoln City team-mates or the Lincoln community?


Who was the most talented player that you played with for Lincoln City? And, who was the most talented player that you played against?

The most talented I play with at City was Dave Smith. Rodney Marsh at QPR was also a top player.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the city and the football club when you visit now?

Both good, the city and club are moving up a league.


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