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Paul Mayo




Date of birth


What position(s) did you use to play at Lincoln City?

Left back, centre back, striker, centre midfield

Which seasons did you play for Lincoln City?

1999-2004, 2006-2008

What is your favourite memory from playing for Lincoln City?

So many good memories - footballing wise loads of camaraderie with friends, but also the play-off semi-final against Scunthorpe - amazing.

What did you enjoy most whilst living in the city of Lincoln?

I've grown up here, the feeling of being at home with friends and family. I've moved away but it's nice to be at home.

What is the funniest recollection you have from a Lincoln City football match and why?

One of the youth team players in a reserve game made Gazza cry.

Have you got any 'embarrassing' anecdote from when you played for Lincoln City?

Not that I can say on air!

Do you remain in contact with some of your Lincoln City team-mates or the Lincoln community?

You play with so many lads but they live around the country. I do speak to Alan Marriott. I should be a lot better really.

Who was the most talented player that you played with for Lincoln City? And, who was the most talented player that you played against?

Peter Gain was the most talented Imp player and he should have played a lot higher in my opinion. Josh Lowe was a difficult player to come up against as he was so quick on the ball - I didn't like the games we played against him.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the city and the football club when you visit now?

I am really proud of how far it's come and particularly going back to non-league days. There are often full houses now - it's a proper football club!


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