West Ham match is sold out

City's Carabao Cup third round tie against West Ham is now completely sold out, with close to 9,000 backing the Imps against the Premier League side.

Tickets sold out after going on general sale on Wednesday evening, after a period of exclusivity for Gold, Silver and Bronze members to secure their seats.

Anyone who has purchased a ticket who is no longer able to attend is asked to contact the ticket office for a refund and to release their seat to allow others to attend.

Should any tickets become available there will be a sales period announced when these can be purchased. Supporters with queries can do so by emailing tickets@theredimps.com.

With West Ham having sold their allocation, the match is in line to be total sell out.

Tickets sold out within minutes of going on general sale on Wednesday evening. The easiest way to secure a spot in a priority window is with a Silver or Bronze membership - click here to purchase yours.