Open meeting to discuss disability access

Lincoln City, Level Playing Field and Lincoln City Foundation held an open meeting at the LNER Stadium earlier this week to discuss disability access at Imps matches.

The aim of the meeting was to bring together a group of supporters who all hold an interest in disability access and to help educate each other and the club about different issues people face when attending games.  

Charlie Beeston, a member of City's Supporters Board, said: “We hope this could be a platform to build a disabled supporters association.  

“The open meeting went really well, with everyone getting involved and giving some really good insight and giving the club some great ideas of things, they could do to help support the fan base better. 

Rob Noble, head of supporter services, added: “It was a really positive evening and very useful for club staff attending to hear different perspectives from supporters attending games home and away. Thanks go to Liam Bird from Level Playing Field who gave some helpful insights into best practice and how to resolve some of the issues faced for both the club and supporters. 

“The evening was a great success and our thanks go to Charlie and his fellow volunteers who have organised the event. We hope it’s the beginning of a new supporter group that the club can engage with and further enhance the experience for all supporters following the Imps.” 

For any supporters who were not able to attend the meeting and would like further information on the creation of the disabled supporters association can email Charlie on