Imps fans can get on their bikes

Staff, supporters and visitors to the LNER Stadium are encouraged to take advantage of the cycle shelter at the ground.

The cycling shelter is situated at the end of the University of Lincoln Fan Village and is open on both match days and regular days. 

Neville Coupland, community leader at Lincoln City Foundation, uses the cycling shelter every day as he bikes to work. 

He said: “It’s very convenient and it’s nice to know that the bike is locked up in a safe part of the stadium.

“The shelter has a nice canopy over it, so you know your bike will be nice and dry at the end of the day. 

Damian Froggatt, City’s director of operations, is pleased to see the cycling shelter being used both by staff and supporters. 

He said: “The cycle shelter has been at the stadium for more than a year. It’s a fantastic asset and an important part of our sustainability goals both for the staff and for other users of the stadium.

“The club recognises the climate crisis and is working towards a climate action plan. Reducing carbon emission is an important part of our strategy and we will encourage more people to take advantage of the super cycle shelter.”


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