City take action on Green Football Weekend

Fans can win a green armband signed by Regan Poole, Sky glass TV and signed England shirts by taking part in Green Football Weekend.

The club is joining 80 of the UK’s top clubs and fans across the country in unleashing the power of football to tackle climate change. It aims to make its weekend fixture as carbon-friendly as possible, and Poole will be wearing a green armband to raise awareness and show support for protecting our world. 

City are also offering fans the chance to win the green armband that the captain will wear in this weekend’s Green Football Weekend fixture - signed by the captain himself - if they help the club climb the league in the Green Football Cup.

Over the past two weeks, fans have been scoring green goals for the Imps in the Green Football Cup, by taking climate-friendly actions, including taking shorter showers, eating more vegetarian meals and telling their clubs what they’d like them to do to go greener. With the tournament closing on Sunday, City are encouraging even more fans to get scoring for a final push at

Other amazing prizes are up for grabs for anybody taking part in Green Football Weekend, including a Sky Glass TV, signed men’s and women’s England shirts, tickets to Premier League Games, a voucher for a National Trust holiday cottage, tickets to the Football Supporters Association Awards, Football Manager game codes and BT Sport App passes.

It is estimated that 23 out of the 92 Football League clubs in the UK can expect total or partial annual flooding of their stadiums by 2050. UK football fans making small changes to their habits could make a huge difference:

  • If the UK’s 31 million football fans buy second-hand or vintage clothes rather than new, they would save the same amount of carbon as planting 43.3 million trees per year.
  • If they reduced their shower length to four minutes, they would save carbon equivalent to planting 58.9 million trees per year.

Fans can also save money by making small changes. By turning down the thermostat by one degree, reducing shower time to four minutes and eating veggie two days per week, they could reduce their household bill by up to £728.