Love football, protect the game

Every fan should feel safe and enjoy an inclusive experience when they attend matches at the LNER Stadium and dangerous or anti-social behaviour have no place in our game.

City have joined other EFL clubs in the Love Football, Protect the Game campaign to educate supporters on the impact of anti-social behaviour and pitch incursions which can result in banning orders for the individuals concerned and significant fines being imposed on the Club by the football authorities.

Chief executive Liam Scully said: "We work closely with supporter groups to ensure we are fair and robust when dealing with these incidents.

"Whether it is misogynistic comments at Peterborough or objects being thrown onto the pitch against Derby, we should be clear that anti-social actions are not welcome at any of our games.

"Throwing items and other anti-social behaviour not only ruins the matchday experience for other fans but is dangerous and can result in serious physical or other injury. We all have a part to play in making sure that we create a safe and inclusive environment at our games."