Iconic win at Burnley celebrated by Royal Mail

Imps club photographer Chris Vaughan has spoken of his pride after an iconic image he captured was used on a set of stamps to mark the 150th anniversary of the Emirates FA Cup.

Chris' picture of Sean Raggett celebrating his famous goal at Burnley in 2016/17 which saw the Imps become the first non-league side to reach the competition's quarter-finals in more than a century.

He said: "It was a bit surreal to discover my image is to be used on the set of stamps, I've had photos used in many different places but this is a first for me. It was a complete shock and a lovely surprise!

"It was an honour to be there alongside my dad, Andrew, as part of such a memorable occasion, and it'll be a proud moment the first time I send or receive something through the post with my image on it.

"There have been some superb images taken by my peers at many FA cup games over the lifespan of the tournament so to have a picture I have taken selected as one of a small handful is a proud moment for me.

"While it's nice the Imps are receiving this attention, I'm pleased I was able to deliver them an image which is described as iconic."

Royal Mail collaborated closely with The FA, choosing images that celebrate the heritage and tradition of the longest-running and most famous domestic football competition in the world.

The main set of six stamps celebrate some of the themes which make the competition so prestigious, and a mixture of colour and black and white photographs relive some of the most famous moments in its 150-year history.

The FA’s director of pro game relations Andy Ambler said: “The Emirates FA Cup continues to capture the imaginations of both football fans and the wider public in its 150th anniversary season.

"It's historic moments from the non-league to the very elite create lasting memories, and we’re delighted that a selection of iconic moments are being celebrated by these special stamps.”

Natasha Ayivor, Royal Mail, said: “The Emirates FA Cup has given the world some of the greatest displays of competition football and these stamps celebrate the magic of those moments. We feel there is no more fitting tribute to its 150th anniversary than this collection of special stamps.”

Few other sporting events have produced as much joy and heartbreak or as many moments of raw emotion. It is a competition in which amateurs and semi-professionals can play in the finest stadia in the land, and the world’s best players run out in grounds holding only a few thousand people.

Just 12 teams took part in the inaugural 1871/72 competition, and while they might not have much else in common with the 729 modern day sides taking part in 2021/22, they shared the same dream: glory.

The Emirates FA Cup has always been a unique competition. For many fans it is about memories and moments on a football pitch that they associate with a time in their lives. Like the game itself, aspects of it have changed over the course of those years. But when fans of all ages think about the competition, they think of names, places, matches, moments. One thing is guaranteed - the Emirates FA Cup will keep creating memories for generations to come.

Stamps in the main set show:

Lifting the Cup - Arsenal players Charlie George and Frank McLintock parading the trophy in 1971
Wembley Stadium - Crowds on the pitch at the 1923 Final – the first to be held at the original stadium in Wembley
A Big Day Out - West Bromwich Albion supporters cheering their team in the 1968 Final
Classic Finals - Keith Houchen equalising for Coventry against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1987 Final
FA Cup Upsets - Lincoln City beat Burnley 1-0 in 2017 to become the first non-league side in 103 years to reach the Quarter Finals
Royal Patronage - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth presenting the trophy to Sunderland captain Raich Carter in 1937
A further four stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, feature a selection of the competition’s artefacts from the National Football Museum, photographed specially for the stamp issue.

The stamps go on general sale from 8 March but they, and a range of collectible products, are available to pre order at www.royalmail.com/facup150 and by phone on +44 (0)3457 641 641