Director of Football takes part in YMCA Lincolnshire’s Sleep Easy event

Imps director of football Jez George took part in YMCA Lincolnshire’s Sleep Easy event on Friday night.

As part of the fundraiser, Jez experienced what it is like to sleep on the street alongside more than 6,000 others who have taken part since the event was launched in 2010.

The annual event raises funds to help improve the lives of our community's most vulnerable people. Donations can be made on JustGiving, you can donate by clicking here.

Speaking about his experience sleeping out at Lincoln Cathedral on Friday evening, Jez said: “I have learned a lot about the brilliant work Caroline Killeavy and her team from the YMCA do.

“I did the easy part with a bit of discomfort overnight, waking up to a bacon roll and a cup of tea before going home to shower, get in my suit and head to a football match. To think about the people whose lives involve sleeping on the street every day without those luxuries the next morning is really thought-provoking.

“There’s still loads more that can be done, so if people can get behind the cause in any way, that would really help. By donating the money you would spend on a cup of tea or coffee would be really appreciated by the team at YMCA Lincolnshire.”

All donations can be made on JustGiving, click here to donate. Your support is highly appreciated.