Lincoln City Partner With Imptoons

The Imps have started a partnership with Imptoons who will continue to enjoy the club's support as they raise money for good causes through their City-related artwork.

Imptoons produces tongue-in-cheek cartoons and caricatures through the pens and pencils of cartoonist CJW.


All the profits made through selling Imptoons memorabilia, be it cartoon yearbooks, mugs, art prints or collectible cards is donated to local charities or the club itself.


In the past three years this has resulted in donations of more than £4,500 to Sophie's Journey, £2,000 to the Sincil Foodbank and £1,500 to the Bradford Burns Unit.


More than £6,000 has been invested back into the club through sponsorship of the club and around £1,500 was donated to the Stacey West Development Fund earlier this year.


Cartoonist Chris Wray said: "I've been staggered by the popularity of my drawings - even more so that fellow Lincoln City supporters are willing to donate such large sums of money to whatever fundraising scheme I've got on the go.


"I never want to make any money from these drawings for myself - I draw mainly to keep people amused and keep people's spirits up, including my own throughout the pandemic! Where people are happy to donate money, I'm always keen to see it either going to charity or back into the club itself.


"I'd like to say a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has contributed to all the fundraising we've done over the last three years - hopefully there's plenty more to come!"


Adam Chantrey, the Imps head of commercial, added: "This is definitely one of my favourite partnerships as in the office we're always eagerly awaiting the next cartoons. There's always a sense of anticipation about what Chris will include in it.


"So to get Imptoons on board as an official partner, building on the already existing success, is a perfect example of the club and fans working together for everyone's benefit"