210105 LED Advertising

We host Peterborough United live on Sky Sports this weekend (Saturday 9th January) and we have a fantastic advertising opportunity available for businesses.

For this fixture, we will be installing an LED system around the perimeter of the pitch which provides a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves locally and nationally in front of a large TV audience.

This system is the same specification that was used for our Carabao Cup game against Premier League Champions Liverpool back in September (image above).

Should you wish to purchase time on the system for this fixture the pricing is as follows;

*           £1500+VAT for 3 Minutes

*           £1000+VAT for 2 minutes

*           £750+VAT for 1 minute

*           £500+VAT for 30 seconds

Please note that the cost has a 50% discount rate applied compared to similar fixtures. To find out more information, please contact a member of our commercial team by emailing commercial@theredimps.com.

Thank you for your continued support.