210219 Vital Lincoln City

We are pleased to announce that Vital Lincoln City have donated £2,500 to the club this week.

The online forum has now contributed £25,000 over the recent decade, through sponsoring a number of first team players and academy stars.

On the recent donation, a Vital Lincoln City spokesperson said, “The coronavirus pandemic has delivered some shattering blows to society as a whole, to football clubs and to their supporters. Practically every football club at our level and below is fighting for its existence, and by contributing to Vital Lincoln City, supporters are contributing directly to the finances of our club. 

“Further to the obvious threats to life posed by the virus, we are acutely aware that mental wellbeing is also paramount. Despite some serious challenges, Vital Lincoln City has been there throughout the pandemic, offering a platform for supporters to share their views on Lincoln City and a host of other topics. There is little doubt that our online community has helped to maintain the mental health of our members throughout the toughest of times, and we are very proud of that.

“Vital Lincoln City has contributed over £25,000 to our club during the last decade, and we are very proud of that too. Membership is growing all of the time, and the site continues to move from strength to strength.”

Imps Chairman, Clive Nates thanked Vital Lincoln City members for their support adding, “We are very appreciative of the regular donations from Vital Lincoln City and especially during these difficult times. Thanks to Julian and all those fans who participate on the site.”

For more information on Vital Lincoln City, CLICK HERE.