As announced earlier in the summer, a new book is to be published compiled from your stories of supporting The Imps from up and down the country and beyond.

After receiving a large number of entries, the selection panel have now selected the winners.

We are delighted to be able to announce the names of the supporters who will be included in the publication in the list below.

D.Milling, S. Hircoe, J. Battersby, R. Godson, M. Dickson, J. Lott, G. Piper, S. Haynes, C. Green, D. Johnson, G. Rawden, M. Johnson, S. O’Leary, T. Priestley, C. Wray, P. Carrott, S. Freestone, I. Nannestad, I. Newton, J. South, S. Medley, T. Swinburne, A. Helson, J. Cudmore, M. Eshelby, M. Hoyer, S. Curley.

Further details of soon to be titled publication will be announced in due course.

All of the panel would like to thank every one of the Imps’ supporters who sent in their entries for submission, they were an extremely enjoyable read. Thanks for your continued support.