Since the start of the current English football season, Lincoln City players and staff have chosen to 'Take the Knee' as a public gesture of solidarity against discrimination and social injustice.

Our work to support, campaign and provide education through the vehicle of football existed long before we took the knee, and this work will continue given our responsibility as role models and commitment to adding value and improving the lives of all within our community.

We recently signed up to the FA Leadership Diversity Code and earlier this year formed an Equality & Diversity Working Group constituting our Chairman, Board Members/Investors, members of our fans' groups, Foundation Trustees and Senior Executives.  The working group is committed to developing best practice and ensuring that it is followed across the club in all aspects of its daily activities.

We firmly believe the gesture of taking the knee has positively kick-started conversations, motivated action, and as a force for good has been incredibly powerful.  With this, we also recognise that gestures are not enough and that our actions will be the yardstick against which we are judged. 

Following the end of Black History Month, Lincoln City has after extensive consultation decided that we will no longer initiate the gesture of taking the knee before our first team fixtures.  We will, however, continue to act in solidarity with our colleagues, should an opposition team wish to take the knee.  Our primary focus will now be on intensifying our actions within the club and in the local communities we operate.

We very much welcome any views that our fans, partners, and wider football family may have to assist us in improving our commitment and responsibility to equality and diversity.  Any feedback that you may wish to give to our working group can be done so via feedback@theredimps.com

We now ask all our fans, partners and associates to join us as we work together as a community, as a City, as a County, a Country who look after each other not just today but every day.