The Imps are today proud to announce the introduction of an Accessibility Passport. The passport is has been introduced with the aim of improving the match day experience for supporters with disabilities.

When people speak of access to the stadium for people with disabilities whilst vitally important, it isn’t only installing ramps and widening doorways for wheelchair users which improve the experience, this is about inclusion for all no matter what disability people may live with.

Heidi Langham, Lincoln City’s Disabled Liaison Officer, who has pioneered the scheme says that it’s vital that the club look to be as inclusive as possible and the accessibility passport is something which will go a long way to assisting those who need help in and around LNER Stadium.

“There may be occasions when a supporter may wish to ask a member of the match day staff for assistance, however they may not for reasons of privacy wish to discuss how their disability affects them in a public area, or they may have a communication difficulty, meaning that they encounter problems making their needs known.” Heidi said.

“The accessibility passport will mean that the information is written down for the match-day stewards or stadium staff to helping them understand swiftly, what they may be able to do to offer assistance or support to a supporter in need.”

She continued: “Anything that improves the match day experience of a supporter with disabilities is important to consider. People with disabilities are protected under the law around inclusion and access of services without being subjected to disability discrimination. It is true that there is a duty upon football clubs and sporting venues to make reasonable adjustments to improve accessibility to their grounds and stadiums for people with disabilities.

“It’s about making services easier to use for all people with disabilities, including people who are blind, deaf or have a learning or non-visible disability for example.”

If a person wishes to obtain a complimentary accessibility passport, they can do so by contacting Heidi, the club’s Disability Liaison Officer, via e-mail: dlo@theredimps.com whereby arrangements can be made for collection.