We are hosting a drop in Flu Clinic at our Extra Time Hub on Wednesday 30th October 10am-12pm in The Travis Perkins Suite at Sincil Bank.

This session will be open to anyone who is registered at Portland Street Medical Practice who is eligible for the vaccination. If you are unsure, please check with your doctor.

You are then very welcome to stay for a drink and play bingo with our Extra Time members.

Why should I get a Flu vaccination?

Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza1.

Although anyone can catch flu, certain people can be at greater risk as a result of flu, as their body may find it hard to fight the virus.

If you are pregnant, 65 years or over, a child* morbidly obese, suffer from severe asthma, chronic liver disease, diabetes or immunosuppression, have a heart, kidney or lung condition, have suffered a stroke or transient ischaemic attack, you are considered at greater risk from flu.

*check with your GP about child age eligibility

1 World Health Organization. Influenza (Seasonal). November 2018. Available online

(Assessed May 2019)

Will the flu vaccination give me flu?

  1. all injectable available flu vaccines are inactivated and do not contain live viruses.

Why do I need the flu vaccination every year?

Influenza viruses are constantly changing, and vaccines are developed to protect against the predicted strains each season, so it is important to get vaccinated against the latest strains for the UK2

2 Public Health England. Immunisation against infectious disease: the green book. Chapter 19: Influenza. April 2019. Available online:

(Assessed May 2019)

For more information please get in contact with our Health and Inclusion Office on Health@lincolncityfoundation.co.uk or ring 01522 563792. Alternatively contact your surgery for any medical questions.

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