190107 BuyBack Grimsby

The Buy Back Scheme is now open for the Grimsby Town fixture following the sell-out of all areas for the Lincolnshire Derby on Saturday 19th January.

If you are unable to attend the fixture against The Mariners on Saturday 19th January and wish to put your ticket up for Buy Back, in order to return your seat to the Club you must follow the process below.

- Please email your requests to buyback@lincolncityfc.co.uk with your full name, email address, membership number, stand/block/row/seat and contact telephone number.

- You will be notified if your seat has been resold where a member of the Ticket Office team will keep note of the total savings on a spreadsheet.

- The Club will not contact you if your seat is not resold and you will not be eligible to have the money transferred over for that fixture.

How much will I receive if my seat is sold?

  • Adult - £9.50
  • 60+/Disabled - £6
  • Young Adult - £5.50
  • Junior - £1.50 (Please note that if you bought a Family Bundle this will be £1)

Junior Imps

Unfortunately Junior Imps Members are not entitled to the Buy Back Scheme rebate however we appreciate them utilizing the Scheme enabling other families to attend a match.

The Club will not contact you if your seat was not resold and you will not be eligible for a refund if your seat wasn’t resold.

By contacting us, you are issuing us with permission to re-sell your seat and as soon as you have contacted us, your seat will be unavailable for you to use for that game.​