The Red Imps Community Trust has announced a ‘new phase in supporter representation’ after an agreement has been made between LISA (Lady Imps Supporters Association), the FPS (Fans Player Scheme), the FPA (Former Players Association), the Lincoln and District Supporters Club and the Gold Membership, as well as having contributions from the 617 Squadron, the Supporters Board and Lincoln City Football Club.

All the groups will retain their independence however, after talks between all the parties, they have agreed to work together to represent as many views of the fans and stakeholders of the club as possible.

The Group will agree to liaise on all relevant matters, to keep all informed of suggestions and concerns, to support each other where problems may arise, to hold Group fans forums, to assist and support each other’s individual fundraising and social events and most importantly to raise the profile of what will effectively become not just the Trust Director on the Board but the Supporters Director on the Board.

Lincoln City chairman, Clive Nates, says that it’s a promising move which highlights a positive development for the future of the Trust and the supporter groups. “It is encouraging to see the closer cooperation between the various supporter groups of Lincoln City Football Club. With a significant stake and board representation the Trust remains highly relevant in influencing the future direction of the club.”

One of the practical aims of the new relationship is to encourage the current members of LISA, the FPS, the FPA, Lincoln and District Supporters Club and the 617, but most importantly other individuals, to take up direct membership of the Trust. This will enable greater democracy in the election of Trust officials and of the Board Director. Furthermore, all members will receive entry to a monthly draw during the season for a £50 club shop voucher as well as to a special draw for the prize of a season ticket. In addition the Trust will be commencing a regular informative e-newsletter for all members.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a one-off promotion, for all new members as well as for all those renewing their membership via the Eventbrite season ticket process, the cost of joining the Trust for the year will be just £1.

For full details of the Special Membership offer and full details on the supporter representation going forward, visit the Trust website at www.redimpstrust.co.uk . Or you can get involved with your next purchase of your season ticket. All you need to do is look out for the Red Imps Community Trust box on the renewal form and sign up as a new member for just £1. Yes, just £1 and have all the potential benefits for yourself and the Club.