190209 Danny

Danny Cowley believes his side can go home with a lot pride following today’s 1-1 draw with Northampton Town.

The Imps boss spoke highly of his players who played the majority of the game with 10 men following Harry Anderson’s red card.

“We have pride with the way we battled today, we are always looking for definers in game and you wouldn’t realise it was 10 vs 11 in the second half, the fact they were happy to settle for a draw shows that,” said the Imps boss.

“We have a group of fighters and they came out tough in the second half. Grant [Smith] was great in the second half and the defence was solid, we were really proud today. Physically and mentally we were very strong."

Danny went on to speak about his side’s promotion chances saying: “It is a tough league, everyone can beat everyone and with Notts County winning today people might understand that it wasn’t a bad point for us last week.

“It was tough getting out of the National League and a football season is like a marathon.

“When is the hardest part of a marathon? The last six miles and that is where we are, the last six miles. We know the points tally we need, we got one towards that tally today but we really wanted three.  

“This is our journey and this is how it has unfolded. I just want to concentrate on us, we have only lost at home when we went down to 10 against Crawley.”

Cowley finished by explaining how he is enjoying the challenge but felt that a lot went against his side today: “When you get to January you have to evolve and get everyone on board and then push on again. I am enjoying that challenge. 

“I am 40 now, you can’t wish your life away and I am learning to love every day, so bring it on. A lot went against us in the first half, we started without Michael Bostwick, then we lost our captain to injury before having Harry [Anderson] sent off and then from that they scored.”

“We would like to have started the game with more intensity but they started with a 5-4-1 which isn’t easy.”

The Imps are back in action next weekend as we host Stevenage at the Bank. Click HERE to secure your seat.