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Danny Cowley has hailed the return of Women's football under the Lincoln City name as a brilliant day for the football club.

The move is a rebranding of Nettleham Ladies, meaning the current coaching staff, players and committee will continue their tremendous work but now become part of the Lincoln City football family.

Nettleham Ladies have had success at grass roots level and currently play against the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion in the FA Women’s National League Division 1 Midlands League, which is step four of the women’s football pyramid and are aiming for further success.


The Imps' boss, whose daughter plays girls football, believes the community spirit that the club has driven over recent years, made it a no-brainer to introduce a women's team under the Lincoln City name. 

"If we’re going to be a community club, then we’ve got have women’s teams and girls teams," Danny said.

"It’s the biggest growing sport in the world, and it’s great that we now have a senior team. Hopefully over time, we will have junior teams as well. It’s a brilliant day for the football club."

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As the interest in women's football has risen over recent years, Lincoln City's crowds have increased dramatically alongside this, and Danny believes that this rebrand is a positive result for all Lincoln City supporters.

"It’s unbelieveable how far the girls game has progressed in recent times, in terms of the standard and quality of the football and it’s great that we now have a team we can call our own. 

"I watch lots of girls football and it’s great that we now have a Lincoln City team we can follow.

"We need it for our community, we need it for our society. Everbody should have the same opportunities regardless of your gender or race, we’re in the 21st Century." 

The Imps Women will be housed at the Sun Hat & Villas Resort Stadium, home of Lincoln Untied, from June, 1st, 2019.