180820 Kitchen 52

As of Monday August 27th our main food suppliers Kitchen 52 will be launching a brand new meal prep menu.

They have collaborated with a specialist nutritionist and utilising their already talented chef team have come up with some even healthier and tastier set meals!!

So what's new?

🌿 Brand new Vegetarian and Vegan options 

🍗 New standard set meals rather than pick and mix

📏 Calorific values and macros now available for all set meals making those who use MY FITNESS PAL an absolute must!!

💻 Brand new easy to use online ordering 

✍🏼 New online tailored meal prep option for you dedicated clients who are sticking to their PT's plan

😍 New meal prep loyalty scheme for all our dedicated customers... we will now be offering a cash back scheme when you sign up for 8+ weeks!

And best of all....

💰💰 REDUCED meal plan prices!!! 💰💰

Keep an eye out all week for special competitions and offers to promote the meal prep menu launch!!!!

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