180810 Frecklington Captain Interview

New Imps captain Lee Frecklington has admitted it's been a dream of his to lead out his hometown club, following his appointment today.

The 32-year-old was announced as the new club captain on Friday afternoon after the position was vacant following Luke Waterfall's exit.

Having captained Rotherham United for over two years, Freck believes the qualities he gained during that time, enables him to be a great fit for the role.

"It was a dream of mine to play for Lincoln City to begin with. When you’re a kid in the academy, at 12 years olds you look at those guys as heroes. So firstly, you want to establish yourself into that team, its an honour to wear that armband," he said.

"I’d put myself forward as a candidate because I’ve done it at my previous club and it’s a role I’m very comfortable with.

"I’ve played the game for a number of years now and I quite like the responsibility so I thought I might be in the hat."

Frecklington, returned to the Imps in January, and has scored four times since, including once against Saturday's opponents Swindon Town.

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"I think I'm one of those people who likes to lead by example more by what I do than what I say," Freck added.

"I think if you saw me around the building, around the training ground, you’d see I always like to get in early and get my work done.

"I try do everything to the best of my ability. I’ve found in my previous clubs that if you get a lot of players with that attitude, it rubs through onto everyone else. That’s the sort of environment we want to create here."

However, the new captain was quick to reiterate the team's important, and that leading the Imps isn't just about one man.

"I wouldn’t say the responsibility falls on to one particular player, everyone’s in it together," he added.

"11 men make up Lincoln City, not just one person. But, when you’re wearing that armband, you cant just have your own needs in your head, you need to be aware of everybody else. I need to make sure they’re all focused."

Come and see Frecklington lead out the Imps for the first time on Saturday against Swindon Town.