170831 Luton Ticket Update

We are delighted to inform you that Saturday’s Sky Bet League Two fixture with Luton Town is a home-section sell-out.

After both our previous home games seeing crowds of 8,000, with the additional away support we are looking at over 9,000 in attendance.

With this in mind, there will be no tickets available for purchase on the day of the game. However, in the event of any unwanted tickets being returned, we will have a waiting list for supporters to be contacted on through a first-come first-serve basis.

Could all supporters that don’t have a ticket but are wishing to attend the game with Luton Town please email kamila@lincolncityfc.co.uk. We will begin to call the first response at 10am and work our way up in the case that any tickets are returned. 

All you need to email is your name and contact telephone number.

Please note: Will not be able to leave voicemails  unanswered calls will then drop to the bottom of the list for further re-calls. Please keep your phones nearby.