171211 Hospital Visit

Danny Cowley and his team visited the Rainforest and Safari Wards at Lincoln County Hospital today to give the children gifts ahead of Christmas.

The Imps squad raised £300 of their own money towards a variety of gifts for the children which ranged from Lincoln City Calendars to footballs and other items to spread the Christmas joy. 

“It was a nice afternoon for us, and it was great of Lincoln County Hospital to invite us here. It’s really important for us as individuals to do this, and as a group.” Danny Cowley said.

“It’s nice for us to be here and share the moments with the kids. It’s never nice to be ill, but even more so around the Christmas period, so it’s great to be here and put smiles on their faces.”

The Imps also wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the members of staff at the Hospital, as well as visiting the children.

“They do such a fantastic job, don’t they? We should all be very proud of our nurses and for us if we can put a smile on their faces then we’re obviously really pleased to do so.” He added.