The Club has decided to issue more 'bonds' to shareholders/supporters which continue to pay an annual interest rate of 3%

Dear Shareholder/Supporter,

I hope that you are enjoying the season so far and are pleased with the progress that our young and talented management team are making. This season, hopefully, will be the one where we finally regain our status as a member of the Football League.

The Club made the decision last year to start issuing loan notes under the name of Lincoln City ‘3% bonds’. The bonds have been particularly popular and the Club has issued almost £130,000 of ‘bonds’ since launch, which is a tremendous achievement and a credit to the supporters of the Club.

As you are probably aware, interest rates in general are dropping and it is very difficult at the moment for investors to find a decent return on their money. We, at Lincoln City Football Club, have decided to hold our interest rate on our ‘3% bonds’ and continue to pay 3% as we have from the launch. This is an extremely good rate of interest in the current climate and is very beneficial to our shareholders/supporters. It also makes financial sense for the Club as the interest rate is much lower than what the Club has to pay on the balance of it’s overdraft.

The Club is now starting to make real progress both on and off the pitch. Thanks to investment from Mr Clive Nates and other supporters, the Club is enjoying a period of stability and can now make a real attempt to be competitive and push for promotion.

To this end, the Club has decided to issue more ‘bonds’ to shareholders/supporters which continue to pay an annual interest rate of 3%. The monies invested by you in bonds will be repayable after three years. Further, you can choose to receive your interest payment annually or roll it up and receive it as a single lump sum in three years’ time (earning even more interest for you). You can choose to invest any amount you like as long as it is at least £1,000 and no more than £10,000.

There are two application forms on the back of this letter so please feel free to make more than one application. If you need more forms then please photocopy the form or contact the Club and ask for more copies. Full details of the terms & conditions relating to the issue of the Bond are available here.

Please return your completed application form to the address on the bottom of the form along with your cheque for the correct amount. Cheques should be made payable to Lincoln City Football Club.

Hopefully, with your support, we will be able to make promotion to the Football League a reality.

Up the Imps!

Kevin Cooke