Stand Proud To Celebrate Our Heritage

Lincoln and Lincolnshire is steeped in heritage.

It is home to one of the few remaining copies (and probably the best copy) of the Magna Carta; it is home to the Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic display team; it is the home of the iconic Dambusters; and it is home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

Lincoln City Football Club is an integral part of this proud heritage and we need to preserve this for future generations. 

It has been well reported in the national media that the Co-operative Bank has served notice that it no longer wants the Club as a customer. The Bank is using the argument that the Club no longer fits its core customer profile and it has told the Club to go away and find another bank. Currently, the Club has the benefit of a £380,000 mortgage and overdraft facility from the Bank (secured on its property assets), which the Club has enjoyed for a considerable number of years. 

The Co-operative Bank has demanded that the Club sell its property assets in order to pay back the Bank all the money it owes. If it doesn't, then the bank could force a sale of assets and potentially put the Club out of business.

To secure its future, the Football Club is launching a crowd funding scheme to celebrate this proud heritage, which will see the replacement of the seats in our largest stand to create a mosaic which features the Avro Lancaster Bomber and Lincoln Cathedral; two of the most iconic images associated with the city and the county. The Avro Lancaster was probably the most famous aircraft flown by the 617 Dambusters squadron of the Royal Air Force in WW2. 

By making a pledge to support this campaign, you will not only be helping to secure the future of the Football Club, you will also be helping to create something unique and iconic that celebrates the proud heritage of this city, this county and this nation.

"The Club needs to raise the money we need to pay back the Co-op Bank and so we came up with something that is fairly unique and celebrates our proud heritage," said Kevin Cooke, Acting Managing Director.

"We wanted to create something that we can be proud of and will be there for many years to come. The idea is so different and the image is so eye catching that we feel it will appeal to a very wide audience and not just to football fans.

"We will be marketing this opportunity worldwide, which should raise significantly the profile and the plight of the Club and, at the same time, make it possible for us to create something so iconic that our city, county and nation will be proud of it."

The mosaic is made up of 5,681 individual pieces and each piece is available for purchase with prices starting as low as £40, rising to a maximum of £250.

If you would like to pledge your initial support or if you would like further information then please contact the Club at

The image of the Lancaster is taken from Lincolnshire-based artist Simon Atack's painting Hopgood’s Courageous Run, regarded by experts as the most authentic portrayal of a 617 Sqn. Lancaster in action, so far painted.

The original full painting portrays the attack on the Mohne Dam by 21-year-old Flt Lt John Vere “Hoppy” Hopgood in his plane nicknamed Mother. Simon has kindly donated his work for free for which the Club is most grateful for.