Apprentices Take Part In Sporting Chance workshop

As part of the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence which is provided by the League Football Education...

... Lincoln City’s scholars took part in a workshop this week delivered by the charity Sporting Chance Clinic.

Sporting Chance Clinic was created by ex-Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams MBE to help tackle issues such as drug and alcohol addiction.

Adams is quoted on the Sporting Chance Clinic website as saying, "Sporting Chance Clinic has developed into one of the world’s most innovative centres for the treatment of behavioural problems among professional and amateur sports people.

"We also run a successful Lifestyle Education Seminar, designed to give young athletes the information and tools they need to avoid the pitfalls and destructive behaviour patterns which can develop in the pressure-cooker world of professional sport.

"We are proud to be an integral tool for a number of football clubs and other sporting organisations including the PFA, English and Scottish Premier Leagues, League Football Education (LFE) and SPFA."

The scholars heard from two ex-professional players who now deliver education workshops for Sporting Chance Clinic. They discussed their own personal life experiences, coping with the pressures of professional sport and the pitfalls and dangers they both experienced and overcame.

Sporting Chance Clinic is just one of a number of enrichment programmes provided by the LFE designed to enhance the life skills and education of young footballers in today’s society. Visit for more information.