Important Safety Message

A reminder that it is an offence to bring fireworks, flares, smoke emitters, etc into a football ground...

Following a number of incidents which have occurred during fixtures this season, we would like to reinforce our message that we adopt and enforce a clear policy to prevent and prohibit spectators from taking a flare, smoke emitter or fireworks into Sports Grounds.

A reminder goes out to all Imps' fans, be it at home or travelling away, that anyone seen in possession or seen to throw a flare or smoke bomb is liable to arrest and a subsequent banning order.

Football clubs and police forces around the country are taking a zero tolerance approach on all related matters and at our game at Barnet on Saturday 14 September 2013, a 15-year-old supporter was arrested and charged for being in possession and throwing a smoke bomb within the away stand.

The Sporting Events Control of Alcohol Act 1985 (as amended by the Public Order Act 1986) makes it an offence for a person to have in their possession any firework / flare / smoke emitter / etc whilst attempting to enter or whilst in a football ground and provides police with the power to search people and to arrest persons committing offences under the Act.

Supporters are also reminded that Gelder Group Sincil Bank Stadium is a no smoking stadium and anyone found smoking will be ejected and liable to a stadium banning order.

City fans will be aware more than most of the reasons for non smoking stadiums after the tragic events at Bradford in 1985.