Conference PremierScene

Football Conference to launch new initiative...

This Thursday (3rd April) at 11am the Football Conference, in conjunction with a number of partners, will launch their new PremierScene bulletin, initially publishing for 7 weeks until the Promotion Final on 18th May.

PremierScene is downloadable from the Football Conference website and via the Conference Web App. Electronically available to all devices; it is printable for those who wish to do so.

The purpose of PremierScene is part of a long term strategy by the Football Conference’s Media Focus Group; to not only strengthen existing partnerships but to bring the brand, which is ‘The Football Conference’, to a greater audience and to attract other potential partners and sponsors to the competition.

Through the joint efforts of the Press Association and At The Races, PremierScene will now be available to over 2 million subscribers through a number of databases now accessible by the Media Focus Group.

Brian Lee, Chairman of the Football Conference, stated: "This is the first of several initiatives which our partners are becoming involved in via the newly structured Media Focus Group.

"True partnership working is about involving all those elements which lends itself to the overall image of the Football Conference, which in turn makes the competition attractive to potential partners and sponsors.

"Our portfolio is growing and we anticipate further additions in the next few months. PremierScene will therefore become part of a platform which promotes us to a wider audience."