Club Statement

Lincoln City Football Club, in the strongest possible terms, condemns the pitch incursions from some of the so called home fans during the climax to last Saturday's fixture against Barnet.

Apart from potentially costing the Club two points in the game we are now facing a large fine for not only the pitch transgressions, but also for previous incidents involving flares thrown by our supporters on to pitches at away grounds.

In future anyone involved in those or similar incidents will be banned from our stadium for a lengthy period of time.

The behaviour at the Barnet fixture was absolutely inexcusable, and with a number of seats also being damaged in the Co-op Stand, the Club will be working with the authorities to take the strongest possible action against those involved.

All CCTV footage, videos and match photos have been seized by Lincolnshire Police and the authorities.

The Football Club will not be making any further statement on this matter.