Important Safety Message

Following our fixture at Barnet on Saturday 14 September 2013, a 15-year-old supporter has been arrested and charged for being in possession and throwing a smoke bomb within the away stand.

Lincoln City Football Club advises that it adopts and enforces a clear policy to prevent and prohibit spectators from taking a flare, smoke emitter or fireworks into Sports Grounds.

A reminder to all Imps' fans, be it at home or travelling away, anyone seen in possession or seen to throw a flare or smoke bomb is liable to arrest and a subsequent banning order. Football clubs and police forces around the country are taking a zero tolerance approach on all related matters.

The Sporting Events Control of Alcohol Act 1985 (as amended by the Public Order Act 1986) makes it an offence for a person to have in their possession any firework / flare / smoke emitter / etc whilst attempting to enter or whilst in a football ground and provides police with the power to search people and to arrest persons committing offences under the Act.