Academy Supports hirebike

The Club's Youth Academy has signed up as the first corporate member to Lincoln's new bike hire scheme - hirebike.

Following the successful launch of the scheme in August, and almost 500 people signing up individually, Lincolnshire County Council is now offering a corporate opportunity to local businesses. 

Becoming a corporate member of hirebike allows you to either install a hirebike docking station at your workplace, or to pre-purchase a number of hours for your staff to use.

Lincoln City FC Youth Academy is the first organisation to sign up as a corporate member. Damian Froggatt, Head of Youth at Lincoln City FC, said:

"The Youth Academy provides a full-time scholarship programme at Lincoln City Football Club and we have youngsters that live all across Lincoln, who often travel to training by bus, bike or car. We saw hirebike as an opportunity to promote sustainable travel and the team thought the bikes were a great idea. We’re delighted to be the first hirebike corporate member."

Lincoln City FC Youth Academy has pre-purchased 25 hirebike hours for the squad and staff to use as and when they want. Access LN6, the programme at Lincolnshire County Council which launched the hirebike scheme, has then matched the purchased hours so the Academy can share 50 hirebike hours between the team.

Damian added, “A few members of the squad used the hirebikes from Lincoln train station to the football club. It was really easy to hire them, and they were good, comfortable bikes to use. We’re delighted to support the scheme and will be encouraging players and staff to use the bikes."

The hirebike corporate offer allows businesses in Lincoln to sponsor the installation of an automated hirebike docking station with five rental bikes, or to pre-purchase a number of cycling hours for staff to use with their own corporate membership number and PIN. 

hirebike has been launched through the Access LN6 programme at Lincolnshire County Council. Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Councillor for Highways and Transportation, said:

"hirebike has been hugely successful since it first launched in August, and we've received many requests to extend the scheme and provide more opportunities. We're already working with local businesses to promote sustainable travel so this seemed like a natural step, and we're confident that local organisations will see this corporate offer as a huge benefit to them and their staff."

For more information about becoming a hirebike corporate member contact Tim Caswell on 07767 817 291 or