Board Back Future Imps Fund

The Board of Directors took time out at a recent meeting to show their support for the Youth Academy's Future Imps Fund.

The initiative aims to raise the funds needed to ensure the Academy will continue next season when central funding ceases in June.

"After a few moments hesitation we were happy to squeeze into our Future Imps Fund T-shirts!" said Chairman Bob Dorrian.

"The Club's Academy plays an important role at Lincoln City as home grown players in the first team makes economic sense and is also something fans like to see. Youth Director Roger Bates together with Grant Brown, Damian Froggatt and their staff are working hard to secure the Academy's future and I would urge anyone who can help to get in touch."

Manager Gary Simpson added: "I believe I have a good record in developing young players, many of whom have gone on to play at higher levels. If the Academy can continue to produce players with potential I am sure I can build on their good work to the benefit of the Club. Youth departments are an important part of any club and we must ensure that ours continues."

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