Youth Dept. Philosophy, Vision & Values


Lincoln City’s Youth Department believes that each player within its Youth Academy is a unique individual who needs a secure, supportive and stimulating environment within which to develop and mature technically as a footballer and also emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. It is the Department’s aim to help all its players meet their fullest potential as both footballers and individuals within society.


Lincoln City’s Youth Academy Vision is to:

• provide the right environment for local elite footballers from 8 to 18 to achieve their full potential
• produce young footballers who are ambassadors for their club and community
• ensure players within the Centre of Excellence and Scholarship Programme develop social and life skills
• produce one scholar who earns a professional contract with the club’s first team each season
• produce scholars who understand and are comfortable with the club’s first team ethos, tactics and values
• ensure scholars at the club fulfill their academic potential and successfully complete all non-football elements of their Scholarship
• provide a structured development path for players; starting with local club sides and passing through the LCFC Sport & Education Trust’s school initiatives and Player Development Centres to the Youth Academy itself
• ensure all management and coaching staff:
    o are appropriately qualified and highly motivated
    o are cleared to work with young players, and
    o continue their professional development
• work within the guidelines of the League Football Education Programme and the Player Development Rules
• maintain the financial stability and viability of the Youth Academy, working through the club’s Youth Technical Board
• work closely with the club’s first team management to achieve the Youth Academy’s Vision


Lincoln City’s Youth Academy has a clear set of Values which:

• embrace diversity and value people’s differences
• provide equality of opportunity for everyone
• ensure both players and management value the receipt and giving of feedback
• include parents and guardians in the development of their child’s potential
• focus on the well-being of all players and staff
• value the personal excellence of all who are involved in the club’s Youth Academy, striving to achieve the highest levels possible
• embrace individual and collective challenges, both on and off the pitch, and has pride in meeting those challenges and overcoming them