Boardroom Blog #6

The Board were pleased that a group of supporters last week took up the offer of a meeting to discuss their views about the running of the Club.

In a three-hour meeting a range of subjects were covered, including the Holdings Company, marketing of the Club, its community status, strategic planning and the Youth and First Team.

The supporters said they felt that the directors did not do enough to publicise the work we do for the Club and this created a perception that we contribute little time and effort. Whilst the directors do believe they devote a considerable amount of their spare time to the Club we will certainly reflect on how we can increase awareness of what we do.

We are aware that at a time when home attendance are below our break-even point we have to focus our energies on encouraging more people to come down to Sincil Bank.

We are highlighting the Luton home game on October 6th as one to promote with a strong marketing campaign. There will be radio advertising on Lincs FM, a large banner across the High Street, leaflet drops and press advertising. Please help us make the Luton match one where supporters give the club the backing it needs to its financial position and the players the support they need as we seek three points against a team challenging for the play-offs.

The supporters' group also had several ideas to offer the Board and we are meeting up with the people who suggested these soon to explore them further. The opportunity to work in partnership with City supporters to the benefit of the Club is one we very much welcome.

Regrettably the Board did feel it had to raise the issue of the increasing amount of defamatory comments and incorrect statements about directors and management appearing on a small number of message boards and websites. Despite solicitor’s advice that these comments are actionable we have no desire to become involved in legal disputes with supporters. However, we ask that those responsible for such behaviour refrain from doing so in future and we will seriously consider tackling the problem if there is a repeat.

In future blogs we will discuss how supporters can invest in Lincoln City FC and our strategy for the future. In the immediate future our plan is to ensure the Club’s financial stability and to continue to see progress being made to rebuild the playing squad and move the Club to an improved league position.