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Peter Grotier



What position(s) did you use to play at Lincoln City?


Which seasons did you play for Lincoln City?

1974 - 1980

What is your favourite memory from playing for Lincoln City?

Winning the fourth division championship with record points.

What did you enjoy most whilst living in the city of Lincoln?

The people were very friendly and my family had a great time living in Washingborough.

What is the funniest recollection you have from a Lincoln City football match and why?

Although it could have been dangerous, the wall coming down when we beat Stoke in the league cup. Also every day in the dressing room with Dennis Booth.

Have you got any 'embarrassing' anecdote from when you played for Lincoln City?

Scoring against Grimsby in the county cup and going up to the Director's box making rude gestures. Later in my career I signed for Grimsby and was made to apologise to the board.

Do you remain in contact with some of your Lincoln City team-mates or the Lincoln community?

My main contacts are Phil Hubbard, Dennis Booth and Sam Ellis. We also keep in contact with our Washingborough neighbours.

Who was the most talented player that you played with for Lincoln City? And, who was the most talented player that you played against?

Alan Harding was a great talent in our championship winning team.
Ronnie Moore at Tranmere was also a good player.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the city and the football club when you visit now?

I only wish we could have had what the city and club have now as we could have kept Graham Taylor at the Imps longer.


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