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#ImpsAsOne: The Coventry Story

2 May 2018

It may had been a memorable night for The Imps at Coventry City last Tuesday but one of our supporters, Michelle Brunt, remembers the night for not just the result but also has a lasting memory courtesy of the kindness shown by the City supporters.

"I thought about going to the game the week before because there were some other fans in Retford who were going but their car was full. So, I had a half-day and I thought, 'I can't miss it, I've got to go'." Michelle said.
Fast forward a week and Michelle was making her way down to the Ricoh Arena looking forward to the game, but unfortunately her vehicle on the evening was to let her down. 
"I set off, got between Newark and Leicester half-way and my engine completely died. I rang my car-repair company and they said: 'It's going to be the alternator but it's dead, we're not going to get you anywhere. It's 'where do you want to go?'
"So, it's a case of 'I've got to get home' because I can't get back from Coventry. I'm stood on the embankment and I see all the marshals' buses and it gutted me." 
Undeterred, after a moment of thought, she decided to call upon the Imps' family for help.
"I rang my husband and I said I really don't know what to do here but I think if I can put it on the fans page and I can get someone to pick me up. The car is going back to Retford and I'm going to go to the game.
"One fan, Sam Stainton, privately messaged me after I posted on Lincoln City Banter Facebook Page and said he would pick me up en route as he had a spare seat in his car. So, my car got collected and taken to Retford, and I was taken to a safety point at the next junction. Sam picked me up 30 minutes later."
But did Michelle know this 'white knight in automotive armour' who meant she could see one of the most memorable games of the season so far?
"No, it was completely at random." She revealed.
"Sam just said that he was stuck in traffic in Newark and he had space in his car. I felt amazed because I didn't think I was going to get there but for that private message to come through and find that this fan was able to give me a lift, it made me feel so much better now that I could get actually get to the game.
"It was so worthwhile being in that atmosphere though and to have all those fans surround me and not feeling too comfortable because of the messages that I had. It wasn't just the messages on my feed."
It wasn't just the one supporter though who responded to Michelle, even though some Imps couldn't aid her in her attempts to get to Coventry, they were also concerned about her being stranded at the side of the road.
"I had many private messages from Lincoln fans for my welfare, not just about me trying to get to the game but they were concerned about me standing on the embankment because a lot had seen me. It was the fact that I was constantly getting inboxes, such as 'are you alright' and 'are you safe' and things like that as well. 
However, the story doesn't end there, the fan who took her to the game wasn't heading home towards Retford on the way back, Horncastle was his destination, which would have meant an extra 45 minutes to drop Michelle home. But, once again salvation was close at hand.
"Another fan, John Ellis, messaged me and said that he would give me a free ride back to Retford, and he gave me his seat number. His friends then asked him to move seats in the stand and he refused to move seats because he had given me his seat details as he wanted to ensure that I found him when the match finished and brought me home.
"I cannot thank the Lincoln City supporters enough for their help, and especially Sam who picked me up on the way to the game and John for the lift for the way home. This shows the togetherness of the club, not just what the Cowley's have done but the fans also."

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