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Elite Performance Centre Bond

In 2015 the Club launched its first ‘Bond’ which over the years has raised much needed fund for Lincoln City FC.  After the success in the 2017/18 season and gaining promotion into the Football League, the Club set their sight on being fully committed to providing a training ground for Danny & Nicky Cowley. 

Danny & Nicky have stated how important the training facility would be for the future development of their players and the future success of the Club. They had a very strong belief that such a training ground would be absolutely critical for the Club to continue their progress and build on the success achieved so far.

The budgeted cost for the new training ground including three state of the art grass pitches, gymnasium, changing rooms and staff offices, and access to the site, was in excess of £1 million. A substantial amount of money but this was an investment that the Club needed to make in order to fulfil their ambitions. In 2017 the Club identified a site and the target was to have a functional training ground by the start of this season 2018/19.  

This being achieved was partially due to the introduction of the Elite Performance Centre Bond.  At the time of introducing the ‘Training Ground Bond’ the Board of Directors stated the provision of this facility was not dependent on the success of the bond and the training ground would go ahead irrespective, but any funds raised by this initiative would mean that the Club would be able to invest their existing cash in other areas of the Club, always with the aim of capitalising on historic moments in the Clubs history.

With the training ground facility up and running the Club will continue to offer this fund raising initiative to their supporters  and investors alike. This is the most significant development that the Club has undertaken in perhaps the last 20 years. It is absolutely critical to our future success and to the success that our management team bring to the Club.

Investment in an ‘Elite Performance Centre Bond’ starts from as little as £1,000 and you can invest up to £20,000 if you wish. Please have a look at what we will give you if you invest.  We trust you will not be disappointed by the offer.

Thank you for your support. 

Up the Imps!

Liam Scully

Chief Executive Officer – Lincoln City FC

To apply to purchase a Elite Performance Centre bond, please complete an application form which can be found HERE



Full terms & conditions relating to the issue of the ‘Training Ground Bond’ are available HERE or on request at Sincil Bank Stadium. This offer is limited to a maximum aggregate issue of £500,000. 


  1. The term of the ‘Training Ground Bond’ is fixed at FIVE years;
  2. The minimum investment is £1,000 and the maximum investment is £20,000;
  3. Interest is calculated on a cumulative basis and is added to the ‘Bond’ annually at the following rates

a.   Year 1  2.50%

  1. Year 2  2.75%
  2. Year 3 3.00%
  3. Year 4 3.25%
  4. Year 5 3.50%
  5. Every ‘Training Ground Bond’ holder will be invited to attend an exclusive training session during the season of which they purchase the bond;