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Trevor Swinburne



What position(s) did you use to play at Lincoln City?


Which seasons did you play for Lincoln City?

1985 - 87

What is your favourite memory from playing for Lincoln City?

Saving a penalty in the dying minutes against Bolton Wanderers to earn us a draw.

What did you enjoy most whilst living in the city of Lincoln?

The beauty of the city, as well as the changes to it which improved the feel of the place.

What is the funniest recollection you have from a Lincoln City football match and why?

George Kerr our manager played in a friendly and split his shorts and had to discreetly disappear to avoid further embarrassment.

Have you got any 'embarrassing' anecdote from when you played for Lincoln City?

Playing on a very uneven pitch in a friendly at Ingham and falling over when a shot came - fortunately it went wide.

Do you remain in contact with some of your Lincoln City team-mates or the Lincoln community?

Yes - I have contact with many ex-colleagues.

Who was the most talented player that you played with for Lincoln City? And, who was the most talented player that you played against?

Gary Lund had the potential to do much more than he actually achieved. Playing against a young Steve Bull at Wolves was tricky.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the city and the football club when you visit now?

The city has changed dramatically over the past 30 years due to the development of the university. The club has endured some difficult times but now seems to be well run and well managed which gives confidence for the future.


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