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Our Philosophy

The Academy recognise that whilst having a clear and coherent playing and coaching philosophy is vitally important to optimising long term player development, this can only be truly realised through the delivery of outstanding staff who have both outstanding knowledge and expertise in the respective development phases. As such, the Academy have recently gone through a transitional period with the recruitment of both full and part time coaching staff who can realise these objectives a priority to help realise both our short term targets, and longer term aspirational aims. All of our phase lead coaches have completed both the UEFA A and AYA courses in the phases within which they work and have significant experience across numerous elite player development environments.  Our staff TNA included (Appendix 12), and the continuous monitoring of this document and upskilling of our people remains a core focus of both the Academy Manager and Head of Coaching. Whilst difficult in the short-term, the Academy are working towards all coaching staff completing their Advanced Youth Awards to further increase our all-round knowledge of physical, psychological, emotional and social factors that can underpin the way we coach and our approach to player development. In addition to the above, generating a pathway for ex Lincoln City FC first team players and scholars is a core part of our approach to ensure everyone leaves Lincoln with a future. At present we have ex-players on the coaching, medical and sport science staff and it is the intention of the Academy to provide outstanding development opportunities for our people to help them transition into the next stages of their careers.

Academy Playing Philosophy

Lincoln City FC Academy aim to optimise the development of our players throughout the development phases via a relentless desire to dominate the ball, attack effectively with precision but also recognising times to be patient, control the tempo of games and be measured in our decision making. When our teams do not have the ball we aim to regain possession at the earliest possible opportunity via a high intensity press, reforming to a compact and connected shape where this is not possible. In transitional phases our preference is to counter attack quickly and efficiently when regaining the ball and the opposition are out of balance and win the ball back immediately after turning it over through a collective, intelligent counter press. Our playing philosophy is detailed on our principles of play board which are displayed at relevant stations throughout the Academy and made available as visual learning aids on match days.